Birth Doula Services


When you contact me I will schedule a Meet-n-Greet and if you decide I am the right Doula for you then my services will include the following:

  • Initial Meet-n-Greet 
  • Prenatal appointments (at least 2)
  • Assistance in creating your Birth Plan 
  • E-mail and phone support (including texting)
  • Ongoing support during pregnancy
  • On call 24hrs. (starting 2 weeks before due date)
  • Continuous support during your labor
  • Facilitates comfort measures during labor
  • Postpartum Care - 2 Home visits after your birth
  • Assistance with breastfeeding
  • Additional appointments if needed

In your appointments we will address:

Issues such as:  past pregnancies, updates on appointments with your provider, prenatal testing, your partner's role during birth, your birth choices, birth plan, signs of labor, benefits & risks of medical interventions, we will practice positioning and movement, we will discuss what brings you relief when you are in pain & pick the comfort measures that work for you - such as:  massage, tub/shower, birth ball, vocalization, etc.

                 What I will provide during labor:

I will bring you ice, water, food, hot/cold packs or washcloths, emotional/physical support, massage, encouragement, a calm supportive presence, objectivity, focusing & breathing techniques........& more.

           I am able to handle special circumstances:

Doulas are trained in how to handle stalled & arrested labors, techniques to relieve back labor & positioning to assist the baby to descend.

I have experience with assisting moms in ALL birth settings:

Home, Hospital & Birth Center Births.  I have a working relationship with local & area hospitals:  SGMC, Tift Regional, Archbold, Phoebe Putney & Tallahassee Memorial (for VBAC's).   I am familiar or have worked with most of the OB's & Midwives at these establishments.  I was also a former Birth AssistantwithSerendipity Midwifery in which we provided home birth services to mothers delivering in the South Georgia region.


Having a Doula on your birth team will help ensure that your birth choices are honored & mom & baby are safe!


Dosta Doula Care

Birth Services

Cost of Services

Birth Doula - $700

Placenta Encapsulation  - $150

Capsules & Tinture  -  $250

Tinture Only  -  $150

 Placenta Art Prints (3prints)  -  $25

Umbilical Cord Keepsake  -  $25


Placenta Encapsulation Services


What is the evidence behind consuming your placenta?

There is no evidenced-based research or randomized double-blind studies regarding placenta encapsulation. What we do have is anecdotal evidence from mothers whom have consumed their placentas.

Need more information?

I am trained as a Lamaze Childbirth Educator so I am partial to the Science & Sensibility blog because it is endorsed by Lamaze.  Here is their info on placentophagy. They do not recommend it simply because it is NOT an evidenced-based practice but they do  give the anecdotal info.  Here is that link:  Science & Sensibility » Placentophagy: A Pop-Culture Phenomenon or an Evidence Based Practice?


    Here are links to some other sites that I recommend:
BellyBelly is out of Australia & has wonderful evidenced based info.  Here is a link to their article regarding encapsulation:    


             List of beneficial components & the healing properties of each:
At the bottom of this one, PlacentaWise has a very comprehensive list of the beneficial hormones, chemicals, iron and proteins that are in the placenta & it states the healing properties of each.


My Encapsulation Process

I prepare all placentas with the Raw Preparation Method. I sanitize my kitchen & equipment before & after every processed placenta. I line my counters, use gloves when handling your placenta, disposable cutting boards & sanitize all my equipment with hospital

grade disinfectant.  Your placenta will be prepared, dehydrated, ground into a fine powder & placed into vegetarian capsules.  You will be given dosing instructions at the time of delivery.


You have the option of a placenta tincture as well,  I can make it, in addition to your capsules.  The tincture process:  a piece of raw placenta is taken and infused with alcohol for weeks, strained & placed into a dropper bottle. This can be kept for many years & used whenever you are feeling hormonally challenged.

Placental Art

I can make you several placental prints & I can also prepare a special umbilical cord keepsake.

Are you interested in encapsulating your placenta? me.  I will obtain some basic information from you such as:  Estimated Due Date, your provider's name, place of birth.  I will email you my paperwork & give you pick up instructions.  Depending on the time of pick-up, I can usually have your capsules delivered in 2-3 days.  If your placenta is frozen, it will take 5-7 days.

Do I get a discount if you are my doula?



* There are some providers that always send the placentas of their moms to pathology, if that is done, I CAN NOT process your placenta!  PLEASE discuss this with your provider so they are aware of your plans to keep your placenta after you give birth.