"I am so thankful for Lori!  She was everything and more than what I had read that a doula is!  She is extremely knowledgeable!  Every question my husband or I had, she approached very professionally and with evidence to back her answers.  I can honestly say that had I not hired her as my doula, I would have had a C-section due to ignorance.  Thank you Lori for being part of my birth team!" ~ Christy Weidenbach

"When I was preoccupied she kept my mom (who had never attended a birth before aside from her own) calm. When it came time to push she at one point stepped up to the plate when the nurses were ready to ignore a request (put a warm compress against me to prevent tearing). I would recommend her to anyone, especially those who sometimes need to be reminded that they have the strength to stand their ground, even if their voice shakes." ~ Tiffany Reynolds

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I became a Birth Doula because I enjoy helping women navigate through their birth options. If you don't know your options, you don't have any!  I trust the physiology of birth.  I believe that if you have the confidence that your body and baby will work together, as it was designed to, you will receive a safe & healthy outcome.  You deserve the right to evidence based care and you have the right to be in charge of the decisions made during your pregnancy, labor and birth.  "Birth is not just about having babies.  Birth is about making strong ~ competent, capable mothers who trust themselves and know their inner strength." - Barbara Katz Rothman.  Every woman remembers their birth experiences and I want the women I serve to have gentle, safe births and to walk away feeling empowered.

I am a Certified Birth Doula through DONA International CD(DONA). I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & I am a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator (LCCE).  I offer Placenta Encapsulation. I am a former Home Birth Assistant with Serendipity Midwifery and I am the Leader of South Georgia Birth Advocates.


About Us


Congratulations on your little bundle of joy!  You are facing a lot of decisions right now and finding the right Doula is one of them.  If you would like to read more about Doulas please click on the Benefits of a Doula page.
Pregnancy and birth are the most important and memorable days of your life and I feel that we innately draw to us those we need for support.  A Doula is there to support the birthing options you choose and help you create the beautiful birth experience you and your baby deserve.
Inviting someone into your birth space is sacred.  When you contact me, I will schedule a Meet-n-Greet, we can see how we mesh and if you decide you would like my support during labor, then I would feel honored to help you fulfill your ideal birth.

"We can trust we have inner knowledge of the birth process; trust that our babies know the journey; trust we will draw to us those we need for support; trust in the power and flow of birthing energy."                                                                     ~Rhea Dempsey

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